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Virtual office

Business address in Ljubljana from 25,42 € per month.

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What do I get?

Virtual office, which means you can register your company on our address and receive all the mail to our mailbox. We offer mail forwarding and collection so you can stay abroad all the time.

What do I need?

Your own company or intent to open one. We can arrange everything electronically or by phone. Most of our clients decide to visit us on Štihova 13 in Ljubljana. Please call +386 31 606 666 first.

How do I start?

Most of our clients visit us and call us prior to the visit, so we can prepare everything for them. You can have the papers ready in only a few minutes. We recommend filling out the form below so we can prepare everything for you.


business address in Ljubljana

Authorized mail collection

Text notifications

Mail forwarding to email

Mail collection possible 24 hours a day


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GO pisarna has the best location and functional design. The meeting room is never double booked and everything is running smoothly. Definitely a very reliable partner.

How does it work?

  1. Create proforma invoice below by filling out the form.
  2. Receive contract draft and proforma invoice on your email
  3. After payment is cleared, all authorised papers are ready for shipment or collection.
  4. Change your address on Ajpes.
  5. Or we can arrange everything for you just by visiting us on Štihova 13.

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Text notifications

Mail forwarding to email

Authorised mail collection

Mail forwarding to address

3 month prepayment (-5%)

6 month prepayment (-10%)

12 month prepayment (-15%)

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business address in Ljubljana


Virtual mailbox

29,90 € + VAT / month

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Price list

Virtual office with business address:
29,90 € + VAT monthly

SMS notifications: +5,00 € + VAT monthly

Mail scanning: +9,00 € + VAT monthly

Authorized mail collection: +5,00 € + VAT monthly.

5% discount for 3 month prepayment.

10% discount for 6 month prepayment.

15% discount for 1 year prepayment.


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Contact info

We need contact information so we can contact you regarding aditional info.


If you are opening a new company (d.o.o., s.p., zavod), enter the new company name. If you have an existing company, check 'existing company' and enter VAT ID.

New company

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Company representative info

Company representative information.

Ordered services

Optional extra services.

Virtual office + Registration

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Mail forwarding to email

Authorised mail collection

Mail forwarding to address

Payment period


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Best price

Virtual office rental from 28 € per month. Email notifications are included in the price.

virtualna pisarna

Central location

We are located on Štihova 13 in Ljubljana near the city centre and not far from the motorway.

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Elite office building

Your future company address is in a newer office building.

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Room for rent

We offer meeting room rental services for meetings with your clients. Hourly rental from 8e per hour.

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Easy mail collection

You can collect mail on the go. We are connected internally with the post office so no mail gets lost.

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All required licences

We have all the required location licences for your business.

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Wide variety of services

We offer scanning, SMS notifications, mail collection, and mail forwarding to any address, even abroad.

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Virtual mailbox

You can use our virtual mailbox to check your mail on your mobile phone or computer.

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Free notifications

the moment mail is received for your company, you are notified over email.

We can also offer

Quick contact

Enter your info and we will get back to you ASAP.



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T +386 31 606 666

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